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Dr. Vitaly Chmyrev Vitaly Chmyrev
Director General

Doctor of sciences (physics and mathematics) Vitaly Chmyrev worked more than 35 years at two institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences, first at IZMIRAN and then at IPE RAS, taking up the positions from junior researcher at the beginning of career to deputy director of Institute. His science activity lies in the field of geophysics and space science. Vitaly has obtained fundamental scientific results on the propagation and interaction of ULF/VLF waves in space plasma, the generation of nonlinear Alfven vortex structures and related phenomena in high-latitude ionosphere and magnetosphere, the wave and plasma effects of artificial injection of electromagnetic waves and electron beams into the ionosphere, and the atmosphere – ionosphere coupling effects connected with earthquake preparation processes. He is an author of more than 70 publications in refereed scientific journals, the science citation index is 1009 (total) and 45 (for 2014).

Boris Nesterov Boris Nesterov
Director on the Development and Chief Designer

Boris Nesterov has passed all steps of the labor way from a senior technician at the POLYOT enterprise to a head of spacecraft R&D department. At JSC "Polyot Design Bureau" he worked first as a head of department and then a chief designer. He is awarded with medals of Federation of Cosmonautics and the honorary title of distinguished developer of rocket and space technologies, has numerous patents and publications. Boris has great experience of leading the design laboratories and also of original development of design documentation for micro satellites OBZOR, STROI, RUSLO-2020-MKA, OTRABOTKA, BAUMANETS-2, STERKH, KANOPUS-ST, QUICK LAUNCH, MOZHAETS-4, UNIVERSITETSKY, DEMONSTRATOR, as well as the adaptation to rocket-launcher of group and solitary launches of small satellites for different companies from the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden and Mexico.

Victor Shutov Victor Shutov
Business Development Director

Candidate of sciences (PhD, economics) Victor Shutov has 30 years of experience in various departments of the Space Forces of the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Space Agency. He is a recognized authority in organization of space activities and international cooperation, space insurance and economics. Victor is an author of "A handbook for the insurance of space risks" and of two monographs: "Actual lines of insurance of space activity in modern conditions" and "Mutual insurance of participants of space activities". He is a member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. He received the state awards - an order "Sign of worship" and several medals, and the diplomas of Federation of Cosmonautics.

Igor Sergeev Igor Sergeev
Technical Director

Igor graduated from Moscow Engineering Physical Institute (Technical University) where he received Master's degree in Theoretical and Experimental Physics. His science and engineering activity lies in the fields of digital signal processing, PLD programming, antenna engineering, electromagnetic waves propagation and interaction in the near Earth environment. Igor is an author of more than 40 scientific papers and about 20 reports at Russian and international scientific conferences. One of his achievements is the development of new type of antenna for mobile communications networks based on a digital active phased array with adaptive multiuser beam-free algorithm. This work was awarded at the several scientific conferences and was winner of "Telecom Ideas 2012" and NRU Higher School of Economics "Open competitions of innovation projects 2012".

Dr. Oleg Pokhotelov Oleg Pokhotelov
Chief Scientist

Doctor of sciences (physics and mathematics) Oleg Pokhotelov is one of the world leading specialists in space plasma science and physics of non-linear wave processes in the near Earth environment. He is an author of more than 330 publications in refereed scientific journals and 7 monographs in English and Russian, including 3 books devoted to earthquake related atmospheric and ionospheric phenomena. His science citation index is 2108 (total) and 161 (for 2012). Oleg is a member of American Geophysical Union. He participated in a number of ISTC and FP7 projects. Under his guidance 8 students have received PhD degrees and 3 pupils became doctors of sciences.

Dr. Valery Sorokin Valery Sorokin
Head of laboratory of Data Analysis and Theoretical Modeling

Doctor of sciences (physics and mathematics) Valery Sorokin has an established track record in electrodynamics of the ionosphere and the atmosphere - ionosphere interaction, propagation of MHD waves in space plasma and electromagnetic effects of nuclear explosions, earthquakes and hurricanes in the near Earth environment. Valery is an author of more than 150 publications in refereed scientific journals and 3 monographs, the science citation index is 704 (total) and 31 (for 2012). His responsibility in the TwinSat project is theoretical modeling of generation and interconnection of ionospheric and atmospheric precursors to earthquakes, development of comprehensive electrodynamic model of the lithosphere - atmosphere – ionosphere coupling and its application to the forecasting of impending large magnitude earthquakes.

Dr. Valery Kostenko Valery Kostenko
Head of laboratory of Ground Testing

Doctor of technical sciences Valery Kostenko is about 40 years in space technology and science, first at S.P.Korolev Rocket Space Corporation ENERGIA and then at the Institute of Space Research of Russian Academy of Sciences. He has great experience in thermal physics and the satellite systems for provision of thermal regimes, the development, manufacture and ground testing of micro satellites and the spacecraft payloads, equipment and methodology for carrying out the tests. With his active participation successfully realized are 8 satellite missions. Valery was involved in preparation and implementation of numerous space programs including VEGA 1 and 2, PHOBOS, MARS 94-96, MIRAS, SRG, YAMAL 100 and CALIBRY 2000. He published about 100 papers in scientific journals, has 24 author certificates and 18 patents.

Dr. Andrew Tronin Andrew Tronin
Head of Remote Sensing Laboratory

Doctor of sciences (geophysics) Andrew Tronin is a world class specialist in the Earth science and remote sensing, an author of more than 40 papers published in refereed scientific journals. His science citation index is 357 (total) and 45 (for 2012). Andrew is a discoverer of the anomalies of outgoing infrared (IR) radiation of the Earth as an indicator of growing seismic activity and the first developer of the satellite methods for IR thermal survey for investigation of earthquakes. He worked for a long time on the “Earthquake Remote Sensing Frontier Project” at Japan Space Agency, participated in the EU program SISMOSAT – “Regular Update of Seismic Hazard Maps through Thermal Space Observations” and in the UNESCO project GEOHAZARD – “Integrated Global Observing Strategy”.

Larisa Kavardakova Larisa Kavardakova
Design Engineer

Larisa Kavardakova is a highly qualified specialist in the development of micro and nano satellites using the methods of automated design and 3D-modeling. Larisa began her career at the POLYOT Design Bureau and has gone the positions from an engineer to a leading designer. She participated in the development of design and operational documentation for BAUMANETS-2, STERKH, UNIVERSITETSKY and DEMONSTRATOR micro satellites and was involved in several international cooperation programs. Larisa is awarded with medals of Federation of Cosmonautics.

Ratif Agabekov Ratif Agabekov
Head of IT Group

Ratif Agabekov, mathematician, graduated from Novosibirsk State University and completed a course of Joint Industrial and Commercial Attachment Program IV at the University of Luton (UK). Ratif has a set of publications on the theory of functions of complex variable and the applied solutions in IT. He is expert in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/ERP and a head of information technology group in GT.

Elena Konovalova Elena Konovalova
Leading engineer-designer

Elena Konovalova occupies a position of leading engineer-designer in GT. She started her career at the POLYOT Design Bureau, where she acquired great experience in the development of design documentation and the construction of micro satellites. Elena participated in the design, assembly and testing of micro satellite platforms for the BAUMANETS-2, STERKH, MOZHAETS-4, UNIVERSITETSKY and DEMONSTRATOR projects. She was involved in numerous international space programs.

Dr. Gennady Belyaev Gennady Belyaev
Head of Space Instrumentation Laboratory

Candidate of sciences (PhD, physics and mathematics) Gennady Belyaev is a high level specialist in designing and building of electronic equipment, author of more than 40 papers published in refereed scientific journals, participant of several ISTC projects. He has developed a series of highly sensitive magnetic sensors for geophysics and space research and ULF/ELF/VLF receivers for ground and space applications, which have been successfully used in numerous Russian and international experiments. His responsibility in the GT projects is the development and building of a new generation of the electromagnetic field sensors and the on-board data processing systems to be used in pico, nano and micro satellite programs of the GEOSCAN Technologies.


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